March 9

Estudiando español: Música (pt 1)

Esto vas a estar una entrada muy corta. Voy a escribir algún con más detalles, pero esto es lo que tengo ahora.

Un de mis canciones favoritos en español es M Bosque de la banda Porter.

Esta es la letra en español. Quise que traducir a ingles, y completaba el traducción hoy.

What do you think about when the sun awakes and you can’t see it?

Asylum to the stars, you change nothing and you don’t see

Will he be alone for an eternity?

You fall into the trap using the pain, such time leaves you when he doesn’t call

You always went faithfully to your shadow and you don’t see

And you follow to the noise, he hasn’t come, you left Aztlan and went to the sea. Will he be alone for an eternity?

You fall in your skirts asking forgiveness, you arrive in front when he already doesn’t have anything

You always went faithfully to your shadow and you don’t see.


I’m sure that I’ve made mistakes translating this, as it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but a lot of songs written in English don’t make much sense either.

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